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Upload a Basic Notebook
How to upload a simple notebook. We will add some keywords but won't go into keyword research until later, this is just to get you started.
Keyword, niche and competition research is very important for getting your book ranked on the first page, which is superbly difficult!
Formatting Your Book
Formatting your book for upload.
Adding Extra Categories
How to get your book listed in another 10+ categories.
Creating Your Author Account
You can group all books created under specific pen-names you have created.
Adding A+ Content
How to add extra content to your listings for free.
KDP Uploading and Research
About Lesson

Before you upload your first book, you need an interior and a book cover. As we have already learned, the covers can be easily created for free. You can download free notebook interiors as a free gift when you sign up to receive my newsletter. 🙂

You should also decide in advance what your book title and subtitle will be. Amazon does not approve of keyword ‘stuffing’, that is having keywords repeated often in your title and subtitle.

They also insist that your book cover should match the title exactly, so if your title is just ‘Notebook’, a good subtitle will help a lot. You may be able to get away with something like: ‘Leopard Print Notebook’ or ‘Blue and Black Notebook’, but it may be best to just stick to their guidelines.

A good description may not seem important, but you may make more sales if your description is accurate, helpful and error-free. I use Grammarly to make sure that most of my grammar and spelling mistakes are caught in time!

I tend to be more inclined to purchase if a product has a good description. That doesn’t mean it should be long, just helpful.

Once you have decided on the content of all of the above, you are ready to begin your first upload!