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Free Sticker Creation
How to create digital and physical stickers for free.
Stickers Using Paid Tools
Whether or not you can draw, there are some great image editors out there, cheaper than Photoshop and easier to use. If you can use Photoshop, great, but I'll be concentrating on Procreate for the iPad, and Affinity Designer for Windows and iPad.
Cutting Stickers
How to cut your physical stickers ready for selling.
Create stickers for Etsy and other stores
About Lesson

You will need Affinity Designer for this tutorial.

This is actually my favourite way of outlining my stickers. It’s simple and you can outline multiple images at once. I either create lots of images in Procreate, or download them from Creative Fabrica (affiliate link) and other similar sites and then create a new A4/Letter-sized sticker sheet in Designer by clicking ‘File/New’ from the top menu. You will need at least 300dpi for an image that will print nicely:

In the next tab, make sure you select CMYK if you will be printing the stickers, and I usually select a transparent background, then add a coloured layer so I can see what I’m doing, then I can just delete or hide the layer if I don’t want a background:

In the ‘Margins’ tab, untick ‘Include margins’ and then click ‘Create’:

Add your images with enough space between them to add an outline. I usually add a background layer at this point so I can see the image borders clearly. I do this by selecting the square tool and dragging it to fill the canvas:

When the canvas is completely covered, I then drag the background layer to the bottom so the images show through:

That’s actually the hardest part over with! All you need to do now is select all of the images and add a white outline:

If you look closely, you may see some parts that are not quite coloured in. You can simply select the vector brush with a white colour and fill in the gaps:

After that, you can either keep the background layer, change it’s colour or delete/hide it, depending on what you want to do next with your stickers. 🙂

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