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Digital Products

By your purchasing and downloading our digital products, you agree to the following licensing conditions:

  • You may use our created digital products for your own commercial products, including uploading it as a finished product to Amazon KDP.
  • You may NOT sell or distribute our products without express permission from
  • You may print and use our products for your own personal use.
  • You may NOT copy any part of any page and claim it as your own design.
  • You may NOT print our products for anyone else to use.
  • You may NOT distribute our products, or any part of them, without express permission from
  • You may NOT transfer the commercial use rights of our products to any third party.
  • You may use any part of our digital products for use in your commercial, digital books. For example, you may use pages separately in order to create another finished product for your own commercial use, but you may NOT distribute any of the single pages to any third party.
  • You may NOT upload any part of our products to print on demand websites, such as Etsy etc., unless you purchase a POD license.

To avoid your Amazon KDP account being compromised, you may want to consider modifying the pages so as not to be accused of uploading duplicate content. This can include adding/deleting parts of the pages, or adding images to the pages to make the product unique. retains the copyright to all content created by us. We may withdraw or change these terms and conditions at any time.

Physical Products

Our handcrafted products are purchased as-is. If there are any major imperfections (most handcrafted products have slight imperfections) we will point them out on the listing images or descriptions.

If you choose to resell any product you purchase from us, we cannot stop you, but please do not claim them to be of your own making. We retain the copyright to any product we create, digital or otherwise.

We may on occasion sell ‘used’ items at a discount cost. These will be listed as such and cannot be returned or refunded once purchased.

We will only offer a refund for products that you receive that have defects we did not list. Items must be returned in the condition in which you received them and at your own cost.