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Introduction To Amazon KDP
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We will be looking at how to actually upload a book in a later tutorial. For now, here are some of the recommended tools you can use for creating your book interiors and covers.

Just about any image editing/publishing program can be used to create your interiors and covers, but below are the ones I use. They are relatively cheap compared to MS Office products, but if you already have Office, book interiors, such as planners etc., can be created in PowerPoint, or even Word. Whatever you use will need the ability to export as a high-quality PDF file. The same goes for graphics programs when creating your covers.

For the purpose of these tutorials, I will be using:

Affinity Publisher – Used for creating interiors
Affinity Designer – Used for creating covers

(I will also show you how to create a free book cover using Canva in a later tutorial.)

Let me state that you don’t NEED to use paid programs, there are free ones available, but as you become more experienced, you may want to upgrade to a paid option. Here is a list of some free publishing programs available. Canva (affiliate link) is particularly recommended, and you can always upgrade for more premium graphics.

Here you can find a list of free graphics programs that could help.

Once you have the programs you need, you can download cover templates from Amazon KDP to help you know where to place your graphic elements.

There are other tools you may use, such as when doing keyword research, but these will be covered later.

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