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Introduction To Amazon KDP
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Low-content books are books that don’t require a lot of work to create. You can make a simple, lined notebook with a nice cover, such as this one.

You can create colouring books, planners, activity books, dot grid journals* and much more. These take very little effort compared to writing a novel, and there is demand for them.

You can download a free notebook interior when you sign up for my newsletter. 🙂

There are websites where you can download KDP interiors, cover graphics and so-on. My favourite websites are:

Creative Fabrica (affiliate link) – Paid
Tangent Templates – Paid
Canva (affiliate link) – Free account available
Pixabay – Free graphics for commercial use, great for book covers

Image sites you can use: Pixabay, Pexels, Canva
Font sites you can use: FontSpace, 1001 Fonts, Fontesk

So, low-content books are the way to go if you don’t have the ability, patience or time to write a full novel. They can be fun to create and can generate a nice, passive income. That is, once you have uploaded one and it starts to sell, you don’t have to do anything else with that particular book, it will generate income without you having to do much else with it.

However, the competition for low-content books on Amazon is fierce, so we will also be looking at ‘niches’ in another tutorial.

*Dot grid journals are the same as Bullet Journals, but you can’t use the term ‘Bullet Journal’ in your listings as it’s a trademark.

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