Starting a YouTube channel?

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own YouTube channel, why not dive in and give it a go? All you really need is your phone, for the most part. However, depending on the types of videos you are wanting to create, you may need extra equipment. More on that, later.

This post isn’t really about going into the ins-and-outs of video creation, editing, content etc., it’s more about the easiest ways to do it, for you.

Many, many people only ever upload YouTube shorts and do very well from them. Videos about animals, cooking, daily life, cars….anything you want! You can simply take a short video on your phone! According to this help page, you can even do some basic editing from the YouTube video editing page if you are not sure how to edit your videos using an app. If, however, you do want to have a go at some fancy editing, my recommendation is Cyberlink PowerDirector. It’s an amazing video editor with built-in AI generators, background music and tons of stock photos and videos for your to use within your own content.

But what if you want to do top-down videos, such as crafting tutorials or something similar? Below is a video that shows you how to make a cardboard hack, but I have no idea how stable or strong this would be. 🙂

YouTube player

If, however, you do have some cash to buy a cheap camera mount, I thoroughly recommend the one I currently use. You can buy it from Amazon, and I loved it from the start. You will need to affix it to a desk or countertop, but this is miles better then the first one I was using. The overhead light is all I use, day or night, and you can’t tell the rest of the room is sometimes pitch-black!

Once you’ve decided on your content and style etc., there’s nothing to stop you from creating a channel and adding your first video today! If you need help with SEO, I recommend TubeBuddy. It’s has amazing resources that can help you format everything your videos need to get them noticed. I’m only using the Pro plan, but I wished I’d started using it from the start!

Having a YouTube channel doesn’t have to cost the earth, and once you have enough subscribers and watch hours, you can get monitised. That’s a great perk! Just make sure you follow all of their guidelines so you don’t get into trouble. At best, you could have your content de-monitised, at worst, you could be banned for life.

Anyway, what are you waiting for?? 🙂