Scammer Warnings

I know this is a bit different from my usual kinds of posts, but I feel compelled to write about scams and frauds you may or may not have heard about. There are so many scammers around, and they are becoming more devious and believable. The top and bottom of it is: do not give money, details, passwords, PC access or anything else to anyone, just because an email or phone call asks you to do so.

There are thousands of scammers out there, raking in millions a year from people who they scare into giving them money and other things. A now common one is the so-called ‘refund scam’. Someone calls or emails you pretending to be from Norton, Microsoft, McAfee or other company. They tell you that your subscription for their services is about to renew and you are entitled to a refund if you do not want to continue their services. They then tell you that they have given you a refund of too much and need that money back. So many people fall for this.

There’s a channel on YouTube that tries to help people not to fall for these scams, as once these people have your money, it’s gone forever:

Please take care. Do not download anything, give out anything, or click a link in any email that you are not expecting. Particularly when it comes to financial websites such as Paypal or your bank, always to go your browser and type in the website yourself to be on the safe side.