Creating and selling printables

If you are familiar with your own drawing software and/or can draw your own content, there are more places than Amazon KDP to sell your stuff. Although KDP takes care of printing and delivering your fully-created books, a lot of people also love to print their own by purchasing printables.

If you have gone through my tutorials, you will at least know the basics of how to create your own content to sell. The beauty of creating printables is that you usually only need to create a few pages. For example, if you want to design a weekly planner, you may want to create one planner page for each section, maybe a front cover page as well. Buyers can print as many as they need, so you don’t need to create a full book.

For instance, my kids’ planner on Etsy has three pages for each section, plus an inside cover page. There is no end to the kind of printables you can create. You could design planners, logbooks, wall hangings, journal pages and so much more. There are many places you can upload printables to sell, but here are some popular ones:


Creative Fabrica


If you have your own website, you could even set up your own eCommerce store. This is particularly easy using WordPress and Woocommerce. If you need help setting up a website with a store, I can help with this. Check out my own store for more details.

If you have any more ideas, I’d love to read your comments!